Fall Whispers

Warm browns, yellows, and oranges dot the landscape as the green retreats from the onslaught of impending winter. Frost covers goldenrod seeds and fog rises from the ponds. The last migrants race south and recently stopped in the meadow and forests. This week Blackpoll warblers searched for insects, fruits, and seeds on goldenrods and asters. The warblers flitter along the ground and up to the tops of the flowers, bobbing, eating, and flying.

Blackpoll Warbler-2Blackpoll Warbler

In August and September, Blackpoll warblers leave their summer breeding grounds in Canada on their way to their winter grounds in the Andes (wow, flying from Canada all the way to the Andes, nature is incredible), stopped by in the meadow of the Museum of American Bird Art in Canton on a morning I just happened to be strolling through the meadow. I feel so lucky to spend just a few minutes with them before they continue on their way to South America. Hope you enjoyed these two photos.

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