Soaring up and away with a Bald Eagle

“They came close to going extinct,” he explained. “By the time I started birdwatching, it was hard to find one, and I remember my first one because we had to drive a long way to get to this place where a pair was still nesting.” ~ David Moon, Mass Audubon

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to see a Bald Eagle on two different occasions.

First bald eagle, observed off route 44 in Lakeville

As I was driving home from the Glue Factory Pond to see if the Red-necked Grebe was still there (it was and it was finishing off a fish), Red-necked Grebe-1-2I decided to drive by the Norton Reservoir off route 140 and I stopped to see if the hooded or common mergansers that I saw in the morning were still there. As I was scanning the water, a bald eagle soared over a group of pine trees. It’s wonderful to see a conservation success story in action. Here are a few pictures that I captured, enjoy…

Bald Eagle Norton-1-5Bald Eagle Norton-1-3Bald Eagle Norton-1-2

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